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Street Art Showing A Car and Caravan

Locals refer to Birmingham as the Venice of the north due to the prevelence of canals lining the city but Birmingham was voted Europe's least romantic city in 2011.  Workshop of the World was the informal term for England in the 19th century; the expression was used by Disraeli in the House of Commons in 1838.

In reference to the British manufacturing and industrial capacity. Birmingham has been so successful because it has the ability to transform and adapt to constant change and Workshop of the world was a history book published in 2016 which identifies Birmingham is a city with an extraordinarily diverse achievement in fields as varied as science, industry, politics, education, medicine, printing and the arts.

This is the third article of my time at British and Irish Modern Music Institute University in Birmingham, Check out my first years experience in My Journey to BIMM and the second year experience Back In The City Of A Thousand Trades

It was the achievement in arts and creatives which really left an impression on that first visit to BIMM Institute in Birmingham, and I was lucky enough to be in Birmingham this summer to catch some of the Birmingham’s Commonwealth Games. The games kicked off in a carnival of colour for  the thirty thousand crowd at the Alexander Stadium, recognising some of the artists from the West Midlands who have had hits over the years. Hilights of the games for me were local musical heroes Duran Duran, the marathon on the streets of Birmingham ran past the end of my road in Selly Oak and it was great watching the finale where Artists from across the West Midlands came together for an iconic musical celebration to play out the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, including a nod to The Rum Runner nightclub that embraced the ‘New Romantic’ crowds of the late 70s and early 80s and hits from The Selecter and UB40 performances I was looking out for.

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