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First Spotify release from thatch and its Diamonds and Cartier hip hop, trip-hop, indie, chill


Diamonds & Cartier Pitch

thatch's "Diamonds & Cartier" is a melancholic indie hip-hop track that explores the feeling of not being enough in a relationship.
With a chill and nostalgic vibe, the song features retro drum machines, chorus guitars, and bass, the track combines an indie guitar instrumental with a hip-hop-esque spoken word vocal delivery inspired by artists like The Streets and PM Dawn.
The lyrics express the longing for intimacy and the desire to provide more for a significant other financially while being far apart.
Despite not being able to give material possessions like Cartier and diamonds, the protagonist offers love and care to their partner.
Overall, "Diamonds & Cartier" is an emotional and honest reflection on the challenges of maintaining a long-distance relationship.

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