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B-Town - Photos by Ryan -

thatch were lucky to be requested by Tim Senna the Zane Lowe of Twitch Mon-Fri 7 pm,  to headline his Brummie Music Night at the Rainbow Pub in Digbeth. They were joined by some fantastic performers all with a link to the Birmingham area specifically to follow on from B-Town 1 night which Senna had reintroduced to the Birmingham music scene back in August 2021. The NME described the evening With a renewed focus and steadfast community spirit, these are the bands reigniting that special, youthful spark for 2021. (You can check out Tims's work on Twitch here)

Many thanks to Ryan the photographer - RYANBUTPICTURES.COM.

Tim Senna takes the stage with O'Halloran

B-Town History

Birmingham-born promoter and radio producer Tim Senna said at the time “For many of us, B-Town was like a nuclear bomb of culture, And once it went off, everybody – publications, music fans, radio stations – couldn’t stop talking about our local bands. That era really laid the foundation for what’s happening here in Digbeth right now.” It was in the 1980s that Birmingham was the birthplace of DIY rock and heavy metal. It took until 2012 for Birmingham to be gaining a reputation for its indie music explosion, with Digbeth named “The Shoreditch of Birmingham” by NME.

B-Town is the name given to an indie music scene based in the Digbeth area of Birmingham, United Kingdom. B-Town original bands include Peace, Swim Deep, JAWS, Sugarthief, and Spilt Milk Society, who were highlighting the variety and strength in depth of the music being created in the city. The original bands were said to have identified a common element as how the bands "all incorporate a slightly flippant attitude to their music, not concentrating on polishing their records to perfection, but playing for the joy of creating music and for entertaining their audiences. They were all friends. They grew up together, lived near each other, worked together, partied together and played together in the same clubs, pubs and house parties in Birmingham. The Guardian described scruffs in leather jackets trying to mack off with one another in between repeated plays of the Killers' Mr Brightside.


b town back with a bang thatchJoe Hunt playing B-Town with thatch

He was describing the scene he remembered from 2010 the aftermath of B-Town, the glitter-splashed, K Cider-drenched wave of jangly guitar heroes that broke out from Birmingham’s Digbeth area in the early 2010s.

After the Rainbow gig, It's so rewarding to pour your heart into an event & get incredible energy back. Birmingham's indie scene has been a sleeping giant for 10 years & now we're waking it up. We brought Saturday Night Energy to a MONDAY evening at the Rainbow. B-Town is back, it feels beautiful to be doing something so positive and focusing on that We're gonna do this together.

Mr Bewlay

Anyway back to 2023 and first on Stage was Mr Bewlay and his Rock and Roll Circus, making a very low-key entrance and start to the gig as you can see below.

b town back with a bang2Mr Bewlay I may have broken some things. I hope I'm allowed back...

It was that low-key that the barriers ended up flat on the floor and the Audience showered in Prosecco but We had some laughs Made some friends And got some prosecco straight in a punter's eye. I may have broken some things. I hope I'm allowed back...

From their Spotify

“Bold and charismatic, an intoxicating charm blazes from the flamboyant powerhouse and emerging talent, that is Mr Bewlay.” Becky and the Bands
“That’s Great!” Frank Skinner- Absolute Radio
The UK Art Pop extraordinaire Mr Bewlay has established himself as the paramount voice for the unorthodox. Currently based in Cardiff, Bewlay’s upbringing was flamboyant with an early induction onto the stage.
Beginning his musical career under the mentorship of the Forte Project, Bewlay has pushed himself into releasing his ‘Electric Reason’ Trilogy which saw him expand his sound with the addition of synth-heavy, funk grooves and sweet retro-inspired pop hits. In addition, he has played sold-out headliner shows in prestigious venues such as Porters, Queens Hall and Ill Repute. As a champion for LGBTQ activism, he has also given talks and performed at Queer festivals and shows with the On Your Face Collective. Recently he has signed with Swnd Records and he is set to release his next wave of music with their backing.
With a breadth of sound ranging from retro-spiced pop to quiet reflective solo pieces, Bewlay’s unpredictability is also found in his music. With influence coming from artists such as David Bowie, St Vincent and Parquet Courts, Bewlay remains in a lane of his own with bombastic vocals, extravagant style and lyrics of the utmost originality. There is little in his way towards inevitable ascension.

From Tim Senna B-Town promotor on Twitter


b town back with a bang3O'Halloran Likes Beer

From their Spotify

BBC INTRODUCING IN THE WEST MIDLANDS 22nd July 2023!!!! New Music is imminent, being cooked behind the scenes at the same time as I cook garlic bread. Produced by Nath Brooks in 2021. Work closely with Jack Batchelor (Drums) of Crooks UK, Andy Oliveri and The Mountaineers, Slomo Casino. Harry Daniels (2014-2019)

Wurlitzer (and their horse)

b town back with a bang4We will not be making noise again until next month.

From their Spotify

With an admirable passion for all things joyful and fun, the Birmingham-based ensemble Wurlitzer is set on lifting your mood. As much a creative collective as an indie band, Wurlitzer has a flair for a unique melody and an infectious beat. Featuring as few as six and as many as ten members, Wurlitzer's sure-fire indie floor fillers are certain to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future. Wurlitzer offers a skip- full of sugary melodies and obscure lyrics that make the unimportant and mundane sacrosanct; they are well placed to fill your brain with earworms. Not scared to stray away from standard guitar-based rock music; the band often incorporates a bunch of instruments in each song including glockenspiels, trumpets, flutes and stylophones amongst others.

From Tim Senna B-Town promotor on Twitter

We as a band would like to thank all of our friends, colleagues and family who made the effort to come and watch us Headline our first of many gigs. We would like to thank Tim and the gang for putting the night on and corralling and cajoling us to be ready on time to schedule. To all other bands a great promotor getting out onto the streets of Digbeth asking questions putting up posters and pushing to deliver an evening of value to all of the people who attended. This night has got legs and will grow into bigger things with the numbers of people attending bound to rise largely due to enthusiasm, energy and hard work.

Also a big thank you to Ryan the official photographer on the night for some fabulous photographs, If you want to get in touch with Ryan then please check out his website and contact him on there or through his socials.

b town back with a bangB-Town is back and back with a bang

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