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Skyline from Apartment for first year

So after a year of student life in Birmingham which was a little out of the ordinary, September 2021 results in a move out of the town centre from the room with a view, into a house full of talent in Selly Oak, close to Bournbrook, Selly Park, and Ten Acres.

This is the second article of my time at British and Irish Modern Music Institute University in Birmingham, Check out my first years experience in My Journey to BIMM

Birmingham canal 2021 2000pxHopefully, this year offers all of the promises a university course at BIMM Institute Birmingham showed prior to the lockdown of 2020. Birmingham takes pride in its music scene, creating opportunities for musicians and music professionals alike and I am hoping to experience the scene as part of the audience, but also get out and perform live.

I'm thatch, a musician and songwriter and I moved my home base from the beautiful town of Bournemouth where I grew up, to the sprawling 'Major City' which is Birmingham. I chose Birmingham BIMM Institute from the different UK options as I love the Midlands sounds of Reggae, Ska and Indie, BIMM opened in Birmingham in 2017 so should have some great state-of-the-art recording studio equipment and I have family on the doorstep in Coventry.

I was beginning to feel the buzz and soul of the city, Bimm was on my radar because of my musical taste, friends have been heard to comment that I was born in the wrong decade, I'm not sure if the listening habbits of my parents have had a strong influence selly oak2but I love 80s and 90s artists and if you were to check out my playlists this would stand out to anyone with a faint interest in music. My father even comments when I am singing along, knowing more of the words of songs of his era.

As the first year at university was out of the ordinary I decided to blog initially around my second year in Brum. As a student with an interest in live music and the first year getting very little exposure I decided to move out of the city centre to the suberbs, there are pros and cons for both but unsure of what the second year of university during an epidemic would bring it felt right to move in with like minded individuals and avoid some of the bureaucracy involved in the first year accommodation.  I didnt have much time to make the choice in between lockdowns and liked the appeal of the reduced cost of a shared property, even if the olds tried to pursuade me otherwise, they were too late and the house got my vote.

There aren't many better places to study music than Birmingham.

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